Dominions 3

Dominions 3 Frequently Asked Technical Questions

(Windows) My graphics is very slow and or buggy, what's up with that?

Dominons 3 uses OpenGL graphics and you need a graphics driver with good OpenGL support. The best way to get this is to download the latest graphics driver from your graphics card vendor. This would be from one of these places Nvidia (GeForce cards), AMD/ATI (Radeon cards) or Intel (Intel cpu with integrated graphics).

I installed from Steam, how do I find my cd-key?

Inside your Dominions3 folder there is a file called 'key'. It can be read with a text editor like notepad and contains your cd-key. In Windows the Dominions3 folder will be somewhere like this: "c:\Program (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dominions3". The first part (Program (x86)) might differ depending on where you installed steam.

I installed from Desura, how do I find my cd-key?

Here is a list of your games on Desura and you can press Keys to see what the cd-keys are.

How do I change my cd-key?

Just remove the file called 'key' from your Dominions3 folder. Next time you start Dominions you will be prompted to enter the key again.

Where do I install mods?

You put them in the folder called 'mods' that is located in your Dominions3 folder.

(Steam) How do I use command line options (switches)?

* Right click on Dominions 3 in steam
* Properties
* Set launch options
* Enter the options here and you are done

(Windows) How do I use command line options (switches)?

* Create a shortcut for Dominions3
* Right click on the shortcut
* Select Properties
* In the path, it says something like "C:\Program Files\Dominions3\dom3.exe"
* Add you options to the path line after the last ".

When done you path will look something like this "C:\Program Files\Dominions3\dom3.exe" --nosound.

If you use steam you cannot use the Desktop shortcut as it's a shortcut to steam, not to Dominions itself.

(Windows) A developer wants a debug log, how do I produce it?

You run the game with the -dd command line option. When you quit you'll have a file called log.txt in your Dominions3 directory, that's the debug log.

(Mac OSX) A developer wants a debug log, how do I produce it?

You run the game with the -dd command line option. The way to do that is this:
* start a terminal
* navigate to where is located
* write " -dd"
* This starts the game and the debug output will appear in the terminal.

(Windows) My entire computer crashes when playing Dominions, how do I fix it?

This is probably because of a buggy graphics driver, faulty hardware or some background software that malfuntions. Dominions itself never crashes the entire computer on its own. Try these things:
* Update graphics drivers.
* Turn off anti virus, firewalls, screen rotation software and similar things that you have running. Steam has this list of applications that can interfere with various games. Most probably work fine with Dominions, but use it for inspiration on what to disable.
* Update your bios.

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