Dominions 3 progress

2nd June 2014
* Version 3.32
* Improved detection of dead disciples
* Special random land names for wastelands
* Sanitize file name when saving maps
* Golems etc start at an age of zero years
* Marble Oracle had an eye too much
* Site info prints healing and undead killing too
* Province population capped at 300000 inhabitants
* Bloodletting could affect inanimates
* Communion was drained too much
* Added support for many new screen resolutions including 4K
* Fixed undefined behavior in crc calculation
* Fixed heightfield clipping bug.
* Fixed bug in random numbers
* Typos fixed

21st December 2013
* Version 3.31
* Use link time optimization on linux for a little extra performance.
* New resolutions: 1360*768, 1600*900.

3rd November 2013
* AI merc bids were incorrect.
* Caves will now get proper cave names.
* Improved pluralization.

29th August 2013
* Version 3.30
(Save games from 3.29 and 3.30 are compatible.)
* Steam compatibility fixes.

29th June 2013
* Version 3.29
* Banefire strike caused plague instead of decay, fixed.
* Abomination of Desolation did not get false horrors under water, fixed.
* 2 Doom Horrors weren't immune to wishing, fixed.
* Manikin reanimating AI could make normal zombies too, fixed.

14th June 2013
* Crumble did not always damage the units inside the castle, fixed.
* Weapons of sharpness did not pierce shields, fixed.
* Iron Marionettes had a death 0 requirement, fixed.

27th May 2013
* Do not pay upkeep for units that are not in the known world.

26th May 2013
* Preachers could take advantage of enemy temples during siege, fixed.

25th May 2013
* Use .exe location to find data files if necessary.
* Typo fixes.

20th May 2013
* Battle inconsistency bug fixed.

13th May 2013
* Underwater encumbrance was 2 too high when no friendly currents was in play.

10th April 2013
* Network bug fix.

1st March 2013
* Magic boosting magic items fix.

16th February 2013
* Resources could sometimes be drained by fort over land/sea borders, fixed.

11th February 2013
* #okleader works properly now.

29th January 2013
* Pushback when two armies met each other was buggy and could result in a double pushback and no battle, fixed.
* Armies with many commanders has a too high chance of being pushed back by a smaller army, fixed.

14th January 2013
* #custommagic will now work with higher numbers.

3rd January 2013
* Fixed 'killslaves' crash that could occur during combat resolution.

13th December 2012
* Texture compression on Linux with Intel Ivybridge was buggy and has been disabled for that combination (higher graphics setting fixes problem too).

28th November 2012
* Units with seasonal powers could give a battle replay inconsistency, fixed.

14th November 2012
* Version 3.28
* Improved scroll wheel behavior on newer Macs.

12th November 2012
* Performance improvement for Windows version.
* Nicer Windows icon.
* Army grouping bug fix.
* Game could crash on very large maps, fixed.

10th November 2012
* Minor stability improvements.

31st May 2012
* ALSA sound support in Linux.

15th October 2011
* Dominions will no longer get unresponsive during 'waiting for game info'.

13th August 2011
* Mossbody and twist fate in combination could result in many many unexpected abilities, fixed.

19th June 2011
* Version 3.27

10th June 2011
* Modding: New command #homesick.

5th June 2011
* Improved Linux pulseaudio support.

3rd June 2011
* Maximum number of mods increased.

2nd June 2011
* Modding: New mod commands: #clearweapons, #cleararmor, #drainimmune.
* Modding: New site mod commands: #conjcost, #altcost, #evocost, #constcost, #enchcost, #thaucost, #bloodcost.
* Modding: New site mod commands: #holyfire, #holypower, #heal, #curse, #disease, #horrormark, #lab.
* Modding: #armor accepts numbers too.
* Modding: #custommagic can be used to created linked random magic. Chance 200 = 2 on a random path.
* Utterdark did far too many attacks, fixed.
* Maximum number of mod sprites increased 1000 -> 2000.

31st May 2011
* Recruitment queues are automatically reset once a fort is under siege.

24th May 2011
* New fullscreen resolutions e.g. 1920*1080.

21st May 2011
* Jack sound support in Linux.
* 2 x Crash during turn generation fixed.
* Fixed bug where AI would cast vengeance of the dead on empty provinces.

11th January 2011
* Version 3.26
* Reverted: Battles caused by random events are now resolved at the end of the random event step. This should fix any problems with barbarians attacking a sieging army due to bad luck.
* Modding: new command #heretic.

5th January 2011
* Version 3.25
* popkill now works for non commanders as well.

2nd January 2011
* --nonationinfo is now implemented.

1st January 2011
* Modding: New commands for underwater recruiting #uwcom1 ... #uwcom5 and #uwunit1 ... #uwunit5.

31st December 2010
* Modding: Gift of reason is subject to spec limitations on target unit.

1st August 2010
* Fixed crash during turn generation.

24th July 2010
* Trying to view a non existant battle will no longer crash the game.

22nd July 2010
* Modding: Maximum number of spells increased from 1200 to 2000. This will make it possible to have more spells in mods.
* Modding: Maximum number of name types increased from 60 to 100.

15th May 2010
* Mighty Yari was incorrectly a missile weapon, fixed.
* Yogini was not a female, fixed.
* Some units got wrong type of names, fixed
* Horse Brothers had switched pictures with their commander, fixed.
* Tribal King now has a javelin instead of a sling, just like in the picture.
* Burned down lab/temple event messages while sieged now go to the sieged player.
* Battles caused by random events are now resolved at the end of the random event step. This should fix any problems with barbarians attacking a sieging army due to bad luck.
* The Blood Keep site now gives a mountain citadel instead of a swamp city.
* Many more sites can now be found in cave provinces.

25th April 2010
* Some typos fixed.

24th April 2010
* Improved performance and window resposivness of the 'AI thinking' host stage.
* Maggots spell was broken, fixed.
* It was sometimes possible to continue sacrificing slaves even if your temple had burned down, fixed.
* Two monthly Voice of Tiamat spells didn't cooperate very well, fixed.

16th March 2010
* Shields could parry some effects they shouldn't be able to, like fear. Fixed.
* Trampling could result in multiplying the target in some circumstances. Fixed.

9th March 2010
* Pulseaudio on linux used .so instead of .so.0, fixed.

19th february 2010
* Version 3.24

30th january 2010
* New monster modding commands: #inquisitor, #shatteredsoul, #banefireshield, #uwdamage, #popkill.
* Units with the uwdamage attribute now actually takes damage from being under water.

15th january 2010
* Spell AI improved regarding when to cast Arrow Fend, Gift of Flight, Legions of Steel.
* Description changed for Maggots to better correspond with its true effect.
* Djinn is now a unique monster.
* Could get some kind of mine even though all site slots were full, fixed.
* increased maximum number of messages a player can send on a given turn.

4th january 2010
* Fixed crash during turn generation.
* Eliminated nations are now also shown in the graphs.

7th november 2009
* Support for PulseAudio on linux.

19th august 2009
* New resolution 1024*576 (for netbooks).

17th july 2009
* New resolution 1024*600 (for netbooks).

19th march 2009
* Dominions could crash when changing video preferences, fixed

18th march 2009
* Version 3.23b
* Fixed a new bug in cheat detection.

10th march 2009
* Version 3.23

7th march 2009
* AI learned how to use the seduction, lure and corrupt special abilities.

28th february 2009
* Version 3.22
* Hovering over an equipped item and pressing 'l' sends it directly to the lab.

10th february 2009
* Crash during turn generation bug fixed.
* Global enchantments could incorrectly stay up if its immortal caster was permanently banished, fixed.
* Immortals could die permanently from disease, fixed.
* You could get permanently unable to appoint a new prophet in some circustances, fixed.

25th january 2009
* Support for battle ground look commands in map editor.

18th january 2009
* Increased max nbr of effects per magic item.
* Now possible to set a custom skybox for a specific province (#skybox).
* Now possible to set a certain battle map for a specific province (#batmap).
* New map commands to change the color of the battlefield in a certain province (#groundcol, #rockcol, #fogcol).

9th january 2009
* Battles in Inferno, Cocytus and the Void could not be viewed, fixed.
* Various magic items got bonuses on returning from other planes.

5th january 2009
* Forgotten city adventures had broken traps. E.g. the ballista only dealt 1 point of damage.

1st january 2009
* Ryujin
* Shark Warrior
* Shrimp Soldier
* Crab General

30th december
* AI cannot ignore sea of ice and similar restrictions.
* AI could ignore target restrictions for rituals like Tidal Wave in some circumstances, fixed.

13th december
* Recruitment ques are now greyed out when unrest >= 100.

7th december
* Modding command #com didn't work properly, fixed.
* Monthly site searching with spells stopped targeting when no more prime suspects were available. Now it will go through the less likely locations as well after the good once are searched.
6th december
* Creating new game with random map and same name without quitting resulted in wrong map graphics being displayed, fixed.
* Stealing a mercenary from another player resets the merc's turn orders. This fixes a potential false cheat alarm.
* Improved cheat protection.
* Improved spell messages for a few situations.

30th november
* Tatsu.
* Shikome.

15th november
* Monk of the Fivefold Path.
* Signs of the Fivefold Path.

1st november
* Version 3.21
* Battle enchantments did not expire when leaving the battlefield with the help of magic, fixed.

29th october
* Ujigami, Mori-no-kami, Kenzoku.

26th october
* Shape changing could result in incorrect magic item loss, fixed.
* Wishing for a non unique item could remove too many items from the world, fixed.
* Avvite Chariot size -> 5
* Dawn Guard -> 45
* Melqart Blood -> 3
* Ba'al Blood -> 2
* Ba'al eat Melquart event reversed.
* Hinnom PD reduced
* Hinnom start army reduced
* R'lyeh dreamlands suffered from the same problem as Ermor once did. Dom-kill rate now multiplied by 5.
* Hinnom Popkillers gives some unrest.
* Events proof read and fixed

12th october
* New nation modding commands: #autoundead, #zombiereanim, #horsereanim, #wightreanim, #manikinreanim, #tombwyrmreanim, #domkill, #domunrest, #templecost, #labcost.
* New site modding commands: #mon, #com, #clear, #incscale, #decscale.
* Game could crash due to too many large units on the battlefield, fixed.

7th october
* Improved cheat detection.

1st october
* Crash during turn generation fixed.

30th august
* Jigami
* Gozu Mezu
* Onmyo-ji fortune teller (4)
* Onmyo-ji shikigami battle summon

26th august
* Version 3.20

22nd august
* Version 3.19

19th august
* Version 3.18

17th august
* Crash during host fixed.

20th july
* Improved move order validation.
* Battle enchantments expire when caster retreats from battle ground.
* New switch: --nocheatdet.
* nation mods are now properly recognized when starting network games.
* Increased maximum number of maps allowed in the map folder.

9th july
* New weapon modding commands: #dt_small, #dt_large, #dt_raise, #dt_magic, #dt_constuctonly, #dt_demononly, #mrnegates, #mrnegateseasily, #mind.
* Weapon modding: Range -1 = strength as range, -2 = str/2, etc.

7th july
* Increased modding limits for maximum number of monsters and descriptions.

28th june
* Monster modding: #cold and #heat takes an area variable.

24th june
* New monster modding commands: #watershape, #landshape, #forestshape, #plainshape, #unique, #stormimmune, #startaff, #bloodvengeance, #stonebeing, #leper, #beckon.
* LA Atlantis uw recruitment improved.
* LA Atlantis hero.

8th june
* Modding: Fixed problem with disappearing magic abilities when enabling many mods.
* Increased maximum number of messages (for huge games).
* Increased maximum number of commanders and units (for huge games).

18th may
* Version 3.17 again
* Reverted performance boost for windows.

17th may
* Version 3.17
* Major performance boost for windows version.

5th may
* Gittite -> 30 gold.
* Sibyl hero -> 0 gold
* Nephilim no longer old
* Some other cost fixes.
* Gileadite great bow

27th april
* Missing spell descr fixed.
* AI nonpriests no longer preaches instead of tearing down walls in sieges.
* Some recruitment fixes for the AI.

26th april
* Melqart blood sacrifice and hunting bonus. Cost 500 -> 450.
* Voice of Apsu and Tiamat restricted to friendly provinces.
* EA Kohen got some magic.
* Shamblers cost reduction by 5

22nd april
* Version 3.16

20th april
* New nation mod command: #hero6.
* It was possible to copy corrupt/seduce orders to ordinary commanders, fixed.
* A non-flying seducer could flee with their victim to an underwater province where they both drowned, fixed.
* Recruitment ques were not cleared from undefended conquered castles, fixed.
* No descriptions for Rain and Ark battle enchantments, fixed.
* Nephilim
* Nation descr finished
* Fire and astral shield was valued way too high by the spell AI, sometimes overruling similar scripted spells.

19th april
* Each Grigori got his own sprite.
* Gath hero
* Lilin
* Mazzikim
* Shedim
* Se'irim

16th april
* Some unit stat fixes.
* Grigori

10th april
* New monster modding command: #speciallook.
* Twiceborn now removed from inanimates demons and undead.
* Zamzummim dies at banquet for the dead.

9th april
* 3 new units: Avvite archer, Giliadite archer, Rephaite sage.
* Rephaim devours population.
* 1 new hero.

8th april
* Ophanim, Chayot, Hashmallim, Arelim.
* Avvite heavy archer.
* Visible fireshield on new and some old angelc beings.

30th march
* Some longdead sprites niced-up.
* Longdead rotten shields.
* Dusk Elder, Spectator sprites nicified.

22st march
* Ashdod heroes.
* Slight changes to Anakim.
* Slight changes to Ditanu.
* Malik.

21st march
* Ditanu.
* Longdead Rephaite.
* Emite.

20th march
* Avvite Charioteer.
* Avvite Hornblower.
* Dawn Guard.

19th mars
* Anakim slightly remade.
* Adon.
* Talmai Elder.
* Rephaite Kohen.
* Rephaite Warrior.
* Melqart.
* Ba'al.
* EA Kohen.
* Horite hunter.

18th mars
* Avvite scout, swordsman and LI.
* Horim.
* Anakim of Ashdod.

17th mars
* Gittite Commander.
* Seren.
* LA Gath finished.
* Warbred 35 -> 30gold.
* Ashdod (MA Gath) started.
* Human slaves.
* Emorites.
* Rephaim tribes.
* LA Abba.
* MA Zamzummite.
* EA Acha, Ammi, Avvite Soldier, Qedesim and Qedesot.

16th mars
* Iassacharite Sage.
* Fossil Warrior.
* Gittite, gibborim.

15th mars
* Shattered Soul for tartarians.
* LA Gath tribes and priests.

14th mars
* Green Lion.

21st feb
* Version 3.15

20th feb
* Dust Walkers.
* Hidden in Sand.
* Hidden in Sand only gives results in waste.
* Plate armors sligtly altered in the direction of Arralens thoughts. Plate of Ulm more so. Black plate inf descr slighy altered.

19th feb
* Hidden in snow reworking. More units, higher cost. Turmoil, magic and luck effects.
* Ermor domkill effect upped from ridiculously low levels.
* First steps on Gath: LA Abysia fossilized giants.

18th feb
* Slight changes to avalon witches.

17th feb
* Some mage stratmove fixes.
* Peshti got kite shields.
* Peshti spearman 2 strat move.
* Bogatyr 3 strat move.
* Censor 2 strat move.
* Malai druzhina slight barding res cost reduction.
* Fivefold Angel got stump weapon instead of fist

15th feb
* Iron Angel.
* Anathamant sprite.
* Black priest sprite.
* Ghoul Guardians no longer sacred, but got black halberds instead.
* Ulrich got sacredawe, lost sacred status, recieved makemonster (ghouls) and got a slight stat boost.
* Lord Guardian got sacredawe.
* Animal awe, halt heretic, assassin, spy icons
* Moose riders 45 -> 30 G.
* Plague scythe was not twohanded.
* Rigor mortis does not affect inanimates anymore.
* Flight is now personal.
* New spell: Gift of Flight.
* Internal alchemy works properly
* Demonbred agefixes.
* Forester and bakemono scout stealth fix.
* Grid Druzhina codresfix.
* Exarch and Kosheij dressed.
* Bloodlord got correct helmet.

14th feb
* New militia events (mostly for uw nations).
* Old militia event made rare.
* MA Black Priests.
* Black Halberds.
* Iron Darts, Iron Blizzard.

11th feb
* Scale spread bug fixed.

9th feb
* Late abysia slayercult.
* Late abysia hero.
* Late abysia anathemants altered.
* Warbred.

30th jan
* Simargl had weapon 10 (falchion) instead of patrol 10. Fixed.

29th jan
* #coldpower didn't work, fixed.

20th jan
* Version 3.14
* Version 3.13

17th jan
* New monster modding commands: #darkpower, #firepower, #coldpower, #stormpower, #fallpower, #winterpower, #summerpower, #springpower.
* MR bless bonus was sometimes displayed incorrectly, fixed.
* Bogarus finished.

16th dec
* Bogarus Descriptions.
* Bakemono scout.

15th dec
* Bogarus Priests and heroes finished.
* Bogarus Descriptions.
* Bogarus nation stats finished.

9th dec
* Version 3.12 Score graphs from old games will disappear with new version due to added nation nbrs
* Modding: Max number of nations and nametypes increased.
* New monster mod command: #darkvision.
* Dominion sometimes spread in incorrect ways, fixed.
* Spell AI: Touch of madness and Berserkers avoids casters archers to some extent.
* Legions of Steel only one nbr of effect
* Spell AI: no longer casts LoS on armorless units.
* LA Bogarus almost finished.
* Forest shape
* 'y'-screen bug fix.
* Caster of Stygian Paths took 1 an dmg for each unit under his command instead of units taking 1 an dmg each
* Stygian Paths reported random number of lost on the way

28th nov
* Ritual cating magic items could malfunction, fixed.

18th nov
* Increased maximum nbr of descriptions for modding.
* New monster mod command: #onebattlespell.
* New item modding commands: #newitem, #descr, #weapon, #armor, #type, #name, #copyspr.

17th nov
* Bug preventing more than a hundred sprites or so in mods has been squashed.
* New monster mod command: #patrolbonus.
* New spell mod command: #nextspell.
* Several statfixes from the shortlist.
* Some site fixes from the shortlist.
* Scathach got her magic and flight.
* Hydra sacred all the way.
* Most sites on the shortlist enabled in caves.
* Dance of the morrigans fixed.

10th oct
* Setting 1920x1200 resolution didn't work properly, fixed.

29th sep
* Version 3.10
* Guru reincarnation bug fixed.
* Fomoria can choose monolith.
* Fomorian sorceror no longer priest.
* Kin-breaker got nightvision.
* Klaus enabled.
* Seer King enabled.
* Longdead partholonians enc fix.
* Wrong type of local defence under water for some nations, fixed.
* Some 3.09 heroes with wrong names fixed.
* Ammit -> commander.
* Huli Jing got her magic skills.
* Raise dead didn't work properly with corpses from plagues etc. Fixed.
* Reinvig icon resized.
* New screen resolution 1920*1200 supported.
* Unmarked cost -> 60.
* Fomorian Giants cost -> 110.
* Stone beings are now immune from stone sword petrification.

18th aug
* High seraph everywhere again.
* Huli Jing
* Rain Moddable
* 'Z' cannot be used to steal from mercs.
* New doom horror enabled
* Monster mod command #reinvigoration didn't work, fixed.
* Weapon mod command #aoe didn't work, fixed.
* Demonbreds not truly demons to disable their unthematic reanimation.
* Mod command #clearsites didn't work as advertised, fixed.
* Deva pretender increased undead leadership
* Magic items on dead people no longer prevents reforging.
* Golem cult statues got darkvision
16th aug
* Fixed battlefield location on cave battlegrounds.
* Male seducers now seduces females instead of males.

13th aug
* Magic scale restrictions for random events didn't work, fixed.
* New event spells: Monster Boar, Send Dream Horror.

11th aug
* Some new sites.
* Edi's Great descr-fixing incorporated.

10th aug
* Some new blood sites.
* Jaguar warrior 25 gold.

5th aug
* Some new uw sites.
* Some new events.
* Jomon tengu hero.
* Lanka longdead raja hero.
* Troglodyte reduced mr.
* Soothsayer lower cost, and chance of being a charlatan (=0 magic).
* Shadow vestal cost increase
* High seraph home only.
* Keeper of tombs slightly less expensive, LA sauromancer slightly more expensive.
* Ktonian necromancer more expensive.
* LA Anathemant Salamander not only home anymore.

4th aug
* Slight change to sky priests.
* High priest of the sky.
* Lawgiver Descriptions.
* New dream horror + new doom horror.
* Brigand leader.
* New events.

3rd aug
* Tir/man/erui pretender.
* Rudras.

2nd aug
* T'ien Ch'i infantry sprites reamde.
* Ministry Guardsman.

31st july
* Lawgiver pretender.
* Fomorian pretenders.
* Pretender choices for serpent cult.

30th july
* Minister of Magic.
* Ministry of Rituals and ceremonial master made fortune tellers.
* Slightly altered descr for ministers etc.
* New spells for TC: Thousand Year Ginseng, Inner Alchemy.

29th july
* New icons: Reaper, Plague carrier, diseased.
* Conscription made more viable.
* Apothecary, Alchemist of the Five Elements, Imperial Alchemist, Imperial Geomancer.
* New sprites for celestial masters and ministers MA.
* All Mictlan troops forest survival.

28th july
* Magic units without magic leadership fixed.
* Undead units without undead leadership fixed.
* Shuten Doji friendly sleep fix.
* Shuten Doji sleep effect increase.
* Tempest warriors lost ice prot.
* LA Mictlan hero Quetzalcoatl fix.
* Theurgs new sprites.

27th july
* Indep grimoire slightly improved.
* Serpent lord and cataphract sprites remade.
* Mictlan MA priest added air random to reflect the arrival of the sky priests.
* Jade Serpent Mictlan summon.
* Horticulturist no longer harvests his crops with firebrand.
* Daughter of Typhon fear and regen corrected.

26th july
* 2 Mictlan MA heroes.
* Mictlan MA sky priest.
* New hydra regen change.
* Hero dependent events.
* Maenad new sprite.
* Maenad forest survival.

25th july
* Mictlan sprited remade: Feathered warrior, smoke mirror, king of legends.
* Mictlan moon warrior (nonsacred elite).

14th july
* Some additonal sites.
* Tombwyrm & chariot works
* Bean Sidhe undead enc 0.

12th july
* Some additonal icons made.
* Some more animal names.
* Ko-Oni popytpe added.
* Fir Bolg popytpe added.
* Indep undead apes
* Several new sites addes
* Cave sites separated from mountain sites
* Cave province names

8th july
* Serpent cult orgy.
* New icons: Fortune teller; Dark, fire, cold power; Poisonous Barbs; Healer; Heretic (sceptic and others)
* Pythium nation descr fixed

7th july
* Serpent cult frontier soldiers.
* Serpent cult field soldiers.
* Solar bull mystic.
* Theurg.
* Serpent cult descriptions.
* Renata, renatus
* New serpenpriest sprite

6th july
* Lugh description.
* Lugh got enchanted sling
* Lugh priest lvl fix
* Lugh sail fix
* Fomorian descr fix.
* Some new events
* New MA Agartha hero.
* New marverni hero.
* Some initial works on pythium serpent cult.

4th july
* MA Agartha heroes x2.
* Some shortlist fixes
* Some balancing stuff, gold costs
* MA van home only. Gold cost increase.
* Animal and wooden names
* Hydra regeneration works
* Fomorian and Nemedian cost fix
* Fomorian prec reduction.
* Marverni tribe cost reduction and slight descr alteration.

2nd july
* Dance of the Morrigans
* Great Boars of Carnutes commanders to enable domsummoning
* Unholy bless fix.
* Some PD fixes
* Some nation brief_descr fixes
* Last partholonian available to Eriu as well.
* Scathach heroine
* Summon Bean Sidhe fix.
* Hochmeister got ulmspecific name.
* Some low lvl priest MR and mrl fixes.

1st july
* Caelian ldr fix
* Tomb chariot reanimation enabled.

* Hydra graphics.
* Daughter of Typhon
* Antlered one.
* Probably something else as well.

29th may
* Morrigan
* Boars of Carnutes slightly buffed, described and enabled

27th may
* Fomoria descriptions
* Fomoria heroes fix
* Fomoria Unmarked
* Fomoria Enabled
* Partholonian hero for sauromatia
* Partholonian longdeads
* Fir Bolg champ cost fix

30th april
* #clearmagic did not work properly on monsters with more than one magic skill, fixed.

29th april
* fixed mod command #secondaryeffectalways.
* Mac could crash when shift selecting units, fixed.

28th april
* Great Boar
* Great Boar of Carnutes
* Iron Boar

26nd april
* Version 3.08

21st april
* Version 3.07
* Dragonflies' strength changed from 0 to 1 and they can now inflict damage.
* Burden of time caused severe damage to diseased non old people, fixed.
* LA Atlantis could not continue fort construction, fixed.
* Enforce some rules for #itemslots modding to prevent weird bugs in mods.

15th april
* Fixed cave battlegrounds.

14th april
* Mod that modified a monster's magic skills could lock up the game, fixed.
* modding: #siegebonus didn't work, fixed.
* #defaultmapzoom saved when editing maps.
* Fixed cave symbol that disappeared in version 3.06.
* new mod commands: #spreaddom, #nobadevents, #incunrest.

5th april
* Some Tuatha and sidhe stat fixes.
* Some Fomoria work.
* Nemedian warrior.
* Nemedian Champion.
* Partholonian Sorcerer.
* Some sidhe magic skill fixes.

4th april
* Tir na n'Og - Land of the Ever Young finished.
* Eriu - Last of the Tuatha finished.
* A few description fixes.
* Light weight scale mail increased res cost.
* Svartalf home only

25th march
* Can use monthly cast multiple site search spells of the same type.
* Some monsters were not always unparalyzed properly, fixed.

21st march
* Ritual of Rebirth didn't work with 15 size Hall of Fame, fixed.
* Wild Hunt and some more spells were buggy when attacking besieging armies, fixed.
* Magic site fixes, armor fixes, age fixes, hero fixes, unit fixes from edi's list
* Y-fix
* No looming devils under water
* Summon barghest & black dogs switched
* Province defense overflow fix
* Esc works when right side menu is hidden
* H-shortcut didn't work
* Marverni & me Man temples cost 200
* TC nation descr fix

6th march
* #copyspell didn't work, fixed.

4th march
* Statfixes.
* Mind hunt could crash the game.
* Något gick fel: No space left on bg - bug fix

27th january
* Version 3.06
* Typo fixed.
* Bad local defence bug fixed.

17th january
* Version 3.05

16th january
* Universal binary working.
* New spell for Man.

15th january
* Name fixes for late era T'ien Chi.

14th january
* Name fix for some Abysian humanbreds.

13th january
* Darkness did not work properly regarding demons.
* Modding: new commands: #domsummon, #domsummon2, #domsummon20.
* Modding: new commands: #summon1, #summon5, #makemonster1-5.
* Modding: #copy renamed to #copyspell in manual as well.

6th january
* --noscoregraphs works.
* Dreams of R'lyeh could hang the game if cast upon a province with only mindless commanders.
* Hippocampoi Fields summoned a human soldier who immediately drowned, fixed so it summons a hippocamus instead.
* Miasma dominion affected C'tis income badly as well.
* Modding manual updated.
* Modding: Resistances can be modded to exceed 100%.
* Modding: can disable nation with #era 0.
* Modding: new commands: #seduce, #succubus, #charge.

17th december
* --mapsbcol didn't work, fixed.
* Defence commanders didn't recevive mirror image properly, fixed.
* Dragon mastery ability could disappear unexpectedly, fixed.

7th december
* Version 3.04

24th november
* Samanishade and sandyabhala weapon fix
* Dakini air 3
* Summon Mandaha gives Mandaha
* Atlantian ME heroes enabled
* Deepthought agarthan EE hero enabled
* Traitor Prince R'lyeh hero enabled
* Mictlan heroes enabled
* Eagle priest removed from mid era
* Manushya Rakshasi leadership fix
* Asara, anusara, palankasha cost lowered
* Oni cost lowered
* Raksharaja air 2
* Rakshasa got 2 claws
* Some general rakshasa stat fixes
* Vetala touch of madness resistable
* Spectral shield for legionaires and ganas
* Devala summon for monkeys
* Glutton icon
* Enchantment icon for rain fixed.
* Demons can see in the dark

20th november
* Version 3.02
* New map by Jason Lutes
* Cave provinces supported.
* New map command #allowedplayer.
* Some typos fixed.
* Iron Walls didn't work.
* Seduction message fixed.
* More special effects displayed in weapon info box.
* New spell mod command to restrict spells to certain nations.
* Modding manual updated.
* Mod command #defmult1b etc, didn't work with value 20.
* Fire Arrows didn't work for small bow, chakram or shuriken.
* Can send really huge maps over network too.
* Fix for map download on linux and osx.
* Added some popups in random map creator.
* Fixed Fata Morgana crashing.
* Fixed memory overwrite bug.
* Improved handling of corrupted turn files from dom3 server.
* Doom horrors could eat people without any reason, fixed.

3rd november
* All Lanka units and summonables got descriptions
* Some new Lanka summons: Vetalas, Ganas
* Kala-Mukha Warrior
* Mandahas no longer recruitable
* Mandaha got darkness
* Dakini got blood vengeance

2rd november
* Monkey reanimation for Lanka, Kailasa, Bandar log and Patala
* Tir na n'Og emerging

29th october
* Version 3.01
* New map by Jason Lutes.
* Great Lion size 3.
* Atlantian spearmen correct age and darkvision.
* Shark knight have correct resource cost
* Doom horrors less common.
* Indep lizard warriors base prot ->3
* Curse of stones affects only enemies in accordance with the manual
* Wands no longer gives Chest Wounds
* Sharpest tooth has correct stats
* Nagini seduction fix
* Polypal mother no longer ethereal
* Event gives city and not motte-and-bailey
* Mesmerize confuses/enrages target instead of enslaving
* Triton recruitable in coastal kappa province fixed
* Blessing can affect sacred undead.
* All era gians gets longdead giants and soulless with reanimation and similar spells.
* All era caelum soulless fix
* All era ctis undead fix
* Eater of the dead fix
* Darkvision fixed