Dominions II: Maps

To add a new map, just unzip the files to your dominions2/maps directory (where all other .map files can be found).

Instructions for Mac OS X users: Control-click on on your dominions application, select "Show Package Contents", and open up the resources folder. Then move the map data files from each individual downloaded map folder into the the resources/maps folder.

Feel free to draw your own maps and send them to us at
Here is a xcf file (Gimp) with trees, forests, mountains and some specials from the Orania map. Download mapstuff.xcf

Additional maps including the forgotten realms Faerun map can be found at Arryn's Dominions Page. A site with downoads and player stuff.

A familiar world. This map is very large. There are two versions. One ordinary and one 17 player scenario.

Number of provinces: 339.
Recommended number of players: 10-17
Download map: 31 meg.
Right-click on link to download fixed
Right-click on link to download fixed

Fix 15 feb: Niefelgiant in Thule gets 2 water to enable commanding winter wolves. Neighbors 58-79, 265-268 removed.

Scenario: World War. Version 2.05 needed unless mapfile is edited to remove some Marignon units.
All seventeen nations on the world map. Each nation begins with four or five provinces and two forts at different locations.

Abysia - Sahara & Arabia.
Atlantis - Atlantic Ocean & Indian Ocean.
Pythium - Byzantium & Ethiopia.
Man - England & american east coast.
Ulm - Bohemia & Estonia.
C'tis - Egypt & Angkor.
Arcoscephale - Persia & Indus.
Caelum - Himalaya & north west rocky mountains.
Ermor - South Italy & Namib Desert (undead force).
Marignon - Spain & east Brazil (version 2.05 conquerors of the sea theme recommended).
Pangaea - Russia & Amazonas.
Vanheim - Norway & Newfoundland.
Jotunheim - Siberia & west Greenland.
R'lyeh - Pacific Ocean & Polynesia.
Mictlan - Mexico & The Andes.
T'ien Ch'i - China & asian steppes.
Machaka - south central Africa & south Australia.

Player Contributed Scenarios

Undead Total War
This scenario was created by Pascal di Folco. It uses Zen's / MTW Europe map, with a strong SG Ermor threatening all players
Designed for pbem.

Orania Nasty Edition
Peter Ebbesen has made a version of the Orania War scenario. In his own words:
As I really like the general Orania War setup, and especially the map, but despair because the AI nearly always loses to me in the magical site race, I have decided to write a new scenario based solidly on the old one but with each nation given certain initial advantages in the forms of sites or extra leaders, sometimes in line with their default theme, sometimes giving a unique boost for the hell of it. Independents have also been set to 9. In general, it seems that the AI performs better vs. humans at higher independent settings - possibly because rapid expansion as a human the first dozen turns is a bit harder.

Player Contributed Maps

Torvaks World
Version of the world map created by Torvak.
This map will replace the former one and uses the same .map file, so make a backup of the original if you want to keep it.
It's now an uncompressed tga to avoid lockups (or what seemed like lockups) on slower computers.

Download older version:

Northwest Middle-earth map for Dominions II

Ascension Games is posting a Northwest Middle-earth map for Dominions II made by Andrew Patzwald, 03/19/04.

Map artwork taken from Iron Crown Enterprises "Northwestern Middle-earth Gazetteer"

Provinces are either named after the political states they cover (within the kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor for instance) or after major land features within their borders (Mirkwood, Rohovanion, Enedhwaith, etc.). Unfortunately, there is very little lore for the far eastern reaches of NW Middle-earth, so I was forced to use some artistic license. ;) Generally, if I had a province that had names in different tongues, I favored the 'common' (English) version.

Please send any comments, suggestions, terrain fixes, etc. to andrewp (at)


Cradle of Dominion
A beautiful map created by Jason Lutes.
For 8-10 players.
221 provinces, 22 of which are water.

CITIES: Settlement icons on the map are for flavor only, with the exception of the largest, which are Cities; A Province with a City in it always counts as Large.
PORTS: A Province containing a Port icon (anchor) next to it is considered a Port; one or more Ports adjoining the same Sea Province are considered adjacent for movement purposes.
FARMLAND: Provinces containing Farmland are indicated by small yellow crop field icons.
MAGIC SITES: Magic Site distribution is per usual, with the exception of Provinces containing a white starburst icon; these Provinces are sources of power and have a higher chance of having multiple Magic Sites.
RIVERS: Rivers are considered impassable unless they are shallow enough to be forded (indicated by a dashed red border line), or are crossed by a Bridge icon.
MOUNTAINS: Mountain borders are considered impassable.
STARTING PROVINCES: Players will not be started in Wasteland, Swamp, Magic Site, or City Provinces; all starting Provinces will have a minimum of four adjacent Provinces.

Missing neighbours fixed.
Download map with fixed map file:
Download fixed map file:

PhilD has discovered some additional bugs in the "fixed" version. Some underwater provinces that are adjacent to no other underwater, but are not marked "no start". He fixed that, and added a "rule" that a starting land province must have at least 3 land neighbours, and a starting sea province must have 2 sea neighbours (in addition to the 4 overal neighbours).

Download PhilD's fixed map file:

Parganos. A beautiful map created by Jason Lutes.

135 provinces, 19 sea provinces.

Download fixed map file:

Parganos remade by Arralen.

Parganos remade by Ironhawk. It will replace the original, so make a backup if you wish to keep the old one.

A beautiful french map created by Robin le Guetteur.
The map is based on the the lands of Tyrande in the world of Hannoerth created by Kern Ridenow.
Find out more about Hannoerth at Expect more scenarios and mods from Robin in the future.

There are two .map files in the zip. One with set start locations and one with random start. The zip also contains a tyrande_readme.txt that explains the map icons.

Aux frontieres de Tyrande, les convoitises s'exacerbent pour s'emparer des terres parmi les plus riches du continent. Qui deviendra le monarque absolu de ce futur royaume ?
La geographie et l'histoire de Tyrande sont issues d'Hannoerth, l'univers de Kern Ridenow

Notes about icons on the map :

- CITES ET CAMPEMENTS : Citys and campements icons indicate presence of a large population. Aesthetic differences between icons are non significatives for the game purpose (only for... aesthetic purpose !) ;
- FORTIFICATIONS : Citys and campements with fortifications indicate presence of a fort in the province ;
- SURFACES AGRICOLES ET ELEVAGES : A province containing crops or breeding icons is considered containing excellent farm land ;
- EDIFICES RELIGIEUX : A province containing a religious building has a special religion related site ;
- EDIFICES MAGIQUES : A province containing a magic tower has a special magic relatedsite ;
- SITES PORTUAIRES : A Province containing a lighthouse icon is considered containing a Port; each province with a lighthouse are considered adjacent for movement purposes ;
- EDIFICES CIVILS : A province containing a civil building has a special civil related site (library for example) ;
- EDIFICES MILITAIRES : A province containing a military tower has a special military related site ;
- EDIFICES MALEFIQUES : A province containing a malefic tower has a special site of Death, Blood, unholy, etc. ;
- SITES ARCHAIQUES : A province containing an ancient building has a special site in relation with presence of old cultures or vestiges of forgoten civilizations ;
- SITES REMARQUABLES : A province containing a remarkable site (twinkling icons) has a special site... ;
- SITES MINIERS : A province containing a mining icon has a special site mining related ;

- Some particular sites are representated on the map by a special and unique picture... ;

- Forests are significative of huge forest for the game purpose. Single trees are non-significative for the game game purpose (...) ;
- Rivers and lakes are significative of fresh water for the game purpose ;
- swamps indicate the presence in the province of that kind of element.

103 provinces, 21 of wich are water, 8 starting locations
Suitable for 8 players (From 1 to 8 humans)

A nice map created by Sandra.

It is called "Land of Shahrivar" and is a sort of oriental fantasy world, with lots of details. The map has 180 provinces, with a little sea, but does not allow sea-players.
Shahrivar is a month of the persian calendar, that ends summer and opens autumn. Its name means "Tempting Territory". The nations must fight to control famous magic sites and VP. Another file allows to play freely.

Download: shahrivar.rar.

The Three Necks
A map created by Herve.

It is a map with 89 provinces , for 2-6 players .


A beautiful map created by Crandaeolon.
This map is intended to be used with victory points. Each of the 14 start locations is worth one point, regardless of the actual amount of players. There are 6 neutral VP provinces, one of which is worth two points; that is 21 points altogether. The neutral VP locations have a pre-built fortification. I suggest setting the victory limit to 11 points. If you select some other victory condition, the points will have no effect.

188 provinces, 34 underwater.
6-14 players


The Harsh Land of Io
Three hundred years after the great cataclysm of the 'Burning Times,' life once again starts to flourish in the realm of Io.

The water is tainted, turned to lava and blood. The forests are gone, and much of the land is scorched waste. Food grows in rare fields of Flesh Trees.

Map created by Sergio Gonzalez.

For 4-6 players. 133 provinces, 0 of which are water.

Kingdom of Karan. A beautiful map created by Targa.

162 provinces, 20 sea provinces.

Defaultmapzoom was not 1.5 in the first version. Download fixed defaultmapzoomed
Download fixed defaultmapzoomed karan2.dry.

Clash of the Titans
This map was created by Targa

41 provinces, 5 sea provinces.
Two players. No sea races allowed.


This map was created by Gremour

69 provinces, 13 sea provinces.


This map was created by Alexander Kon Berner

39 provinces suitable for 2 players. Land only, no sea races allowed. The starting locations never change.


This map was created by J High
Many craggy cliffs limit sea access. Ideal for 4-7 players, including both water nations.

92 provinces


Theater of War
A map created by Andrew J. Osborn

A light has come to the abyss in which the dead gods are trapped. For a thousandth of a second an instability ripples through the ether as a new world comes into existence. You do not hesitate, but pour yourself through the weakness and into the lands of the living.
Your eons of imprisonment have come to an end. But this new world is a strange creation, and you are not the only god to find your way here...

275 provinces.
12 land players.
12 start locations.
7 Victory locations.
Right-click on link to download:

Sea and Sky
Another map created by Andrew J. Osborn

169 provinces, 23 of them sea. Ships are easily aquired and the sea is less of a barrier than one may think Right-click on link to download:

For those of you who do not use broad band there is also a smaller version of the map available.

Land of Milk and Iron, the Underworld and the Stygian Abyss

Another map created by Andrew J. Osborn

A 3 level map with easy access to upper and lower levels and a boardgame feel. 117 land provinces and 18 sea provinces

Right-click on link to download:

For those of you who do not use broad band there is also a smaller version of the map available.

Another map created by Andrew J. Osborn

106 land provinces and 2 seas.
Suitable for 8-14 players.

Right-click on link to download:

For those of you who do not use broad band there is also a smaller version of the map available.

This map was created by Andrew J. Osborn

Number of provinces: 112.
Suitable for 8-14 players.

Right-click on link to download:

An old Dominions I map remade for Dominions II by Andrew J. Osborn

Number of provinces: 85, 16 underwater.
Suitable for 3-10 players.


A map made by B. Hirsch

Number of provinces: 43, 11 underwater.
Suitable for 2-4 players.


A Question of Symmetry
A small map made by Scott Andersson

Number of provinces: 19, no water.
Suitable for 2 players.


United States
An US map made by Scott Anderson mostly for test games.
In his own words: 'I realize that it's ugly (basically it's only the state outlines and no terrain features), but someone may want to download and use it.'

Number of provinces: 48 ?! No sea provinces.
Suitable for 2-4 players.


United States Satellite
A new US map made by Pronell Mordini.

Suitable for a handful of players.


The Sundering - english version
Lars M. Nielsen has made an english version of the Sundering map.


Seven nations
This scenario was created by Alex Poger. It is demofriendly and uses the Desert Eye map.
The seven nations of the demo begins at preset starting locations with several provinces each.