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Misc Links

Philippe Sacre's excellent Dominions Library. You can find plenty of information here.

Player Contributions

By Alex Poger

Here is a starting tutorial for Dominions written by Alex Poger. It can be very useful for new players. It explains how to create a competitive god and the basic strategies you need to survive.
Download Alexander's Guide to Getting Started in Dominions here: start_guide.pdf

Excel Spell List
By Björn Loesing

Here is a list of all available spells in the form of an excel document. This document was contributed by Björn Loesing and the spells can be sorted in any way you like.
Excel Spell List: domspells.xls

Java Spell Navigator
By Gordon

This java application lets you search and sort spells in a database like manner. It was contributed by Gordon.
Java Spell Navigator:

Excel Site Search Table
By David

An excel table suitable for keeping track of which provinces have been searched for what kind of magic. This document was contributed by David. Check the info tab if you have any trouble printing it.
Excel Site Search Table: sitechecklist.xls