CoE 3 progress

6th May 2015
* Version 3.25
* Added some missing special power descriptions
* Two music tracks could play at once after game over, fixed
* Minor bug fixes
* Linux: smaller icon for pulseaudio

September 2015
* Gelatinous Cube got poison resistance
* Fixed bug with weapons reloading forever
* Tokens could flicker when moving, fixed

16th January 2015
* Version 3.23
* Faster world generation
* Team placement bug fixed
* Speed up large area effects (row or more targets)
* Income wouldn't always update at once, fixed
* Fixed black border around map glitch
* Some bug fixes

28th September 2014
* Gates to pandemonium etc did not spawn demons correctly
* Senator Revelry didn't work for network play
* Scorgraphs nations were all disabled by default for network screen
* Various network fixes
* Fix modding mastery for negative numbers
* Incorrect distance between rows on attackers side
* Hellhound summoning improved

11th August 2014
* Minor bug fix for druid AI.

23rd July 2014
* Slightly larger popups at larger text settings.

15th July 2014
* Android CoE3 works with bluetooth keyboards now

30th May 2014
* Version 3.21

19th May 2014
* Text size setting on PC
* --textsize

6th May 2014
* --autosave no longer takes a filename
* New load game layout
* Faster mouse wheel zoom

24th April 2014
* Can view the entire battle log by pressing on it.

16th April 2014
* Tablet fixes.

9th April 2014
* Smooth scrolling menus.
* Added text size setting
* Don't scroll map when scrolling a menu on a tablet
* Put com orders right below kingdom box
* Make clustered start the default
* Removed advanced options from tablet
* Remove resolution settings and FPS limit from tablet
* --clicksound option
* --noclusterstart option

6th April 2014
* Performance improvements.

5th April 2014
* Performance improvements.
* Dark borders were sometimes transparent, fixed.
* AI can now stumble into stealthy units.

31st March 2014
* Android fixes.
* Removed --simpgfx.
* 3 tabs on preferences screen.
* Added quality setting and frame rate limit to preferences.

28th March 2014
* Battle units are zoomed up a bit when possible.
* Press F1 (or menu button) in transfer units screen to bring up a menu.
* Andorid fixes.

27th March 2014
* Pinch to zoom on map.
* Android fixes.

26th March 2014
* Game can now be built for the android platform.

25th February 2014
* Fixed freeze at start of battle bug.

21st February 2014
* Many new sea and coastal creatures.
* New coastal behavior that keep the monster close to the shore in the water or on land.

20th February 2014
* Version 3.20

18th February 2014
* New capital in Dawn of a new empire.
* Counsilors in new capital.

16th February 2014
* Improved Apocalypse.

14th February 2014
* More differentiation for societies.
* Empire got an emperor in the capital.
* Capital emperor part produces soldiers and peddlars.

2nd February 2014
* A new small fire effect with less sound and particles.
* Changed sound effect for summon serpent spells.
* Text fixes.
* Non-burners can enter burn screen (b) too.

30th October 2013
* Version 3.19

27th October 2013
* A second demon mastery did not always result in more spells, fixed.
* New graphics for some units.
* Necrotod only hypnotizes every second round.
* Winged Monkeys.
* Improved pluralization.
* Support for new screen resolutions.
* Network bug fix.
* Reduced memory usage.
* Serial number shown on preferences screen.
* Linux: ALSA playback could stop after an underrun, fixed.
* Mac: Retina displays could get wrong fullscreen size, fixed.

20th May 2013
* Market village became sea when loaded in map editor.

11th March 2013
* The amount of Hands of Glory wasn't cleared between games, fixed.

8th March 2013
* Version 3.18
* News screen that shows changes between versions.
* New independent monsters.

7th March 2013
* Cost of send greater horror reduced 50 -> 40.
* Linux: Raspberry PI defaults to max texture size 512.

6th March 2013
* If the first player was not present when starting a network game the second player would get a blank world to look at, fixed.
* Faster disconnects from network server.
* Confirmation for turning player into AI in network game.
* Performance improvements.

15th February 2013
* Linux: JACK sound support was broken since last version, fixed.

24th January 2013
* Event messages written to debug log as well.

15th January 2013
* Get to choose between load/random even after canceling out of a loaded map.

14th January 2013
* Mapediting: Triggers didn't work with negative location values, fixed. Triggers with random locations will get a different trigger location each turn.
* Fungus growth event was not saved, fixed.

7th January 2013
* Version 3.17 (released 8th January)

6th January 2013
* Map screen performance improvements.
* Shortcut 'c' for create random map.
* Typos fixed.

3rd January 2013
* --simpgfx for simple graphics (for slow computers).
* Faster and more responsive new turn generation.
* Linux: Support for Raspberry Pi ($30 computer).
* Linux: Fixed bug in ALSA shutdown and error handling.

7th December 2012
* Fixed flickering terrain info popup.
* Boosted gold mine attacks.
* Number of units at current recruit location shown on recruitment screen.
* Keyboard shortcuts 1-9 to recruit units.
* Ctrl + 1-9 to switch locations on recruitment screen.

24rd November 2012
* Version 3.16 (released 26th)
* Option to make sure no random player becomes the same class as another player.

23rd November 2012
* Allied stack without a commander are drawn without square.

10th November 2012
* Trade reform, max tradeable amount depends on the price of the item traded. So you can buy twice as much iron compared to human sacrifices.
* Relics can now be traded.
* Corrected number of eyes on plants, spiders, scorpions and some more critters.
* New terrain: Market Village.

9th November 2012
* Network: Disconnected players during 'enter name' get a random name.
* Network: Disconnected players are no longer skipped if they aren't connected.
* Network: --noturnintoai switch to disable the 'turn into ai' option for disconnected players.

2nd November 2012
* Map screen performance improvement.

31st October 2012
* Ophan got a proper attack.
* Arch Angel got a real firebrand.

29th October 2012
* Message for Pontiff donations said John Doe instead of real name, fixed.
* Converted squares remained converted even if altered to a non settlement, fixed.
* Mad Cultist left his gate, fixed.
* +1 armor for riders of the apocalypse.
* Altered movement behavior of El troops. Saints and Angels move full speed now.

22nd October 2012
* Version 3.15 (released 23rd oct)
* Network bug fixes.

18th October 2012
* Version 3.14
* Updated SDL library for OSX version resulting in much better scroll wheel behavior on new macs.

3rd October 2012
* Easier to get rid of 'repeat ritual'.

26th September 2012
* Version 3.13
* New class: Voice of El.

31st August 2012
* Added battle and transfer unit shortcut lists to misc menu.
* Modding: Unique is taken into account for mastery powers.
* New modding command: loner (same type of units take damage if in same square).

30th August 2012
* Did not get to see last turn when winning a network game, fixed.
* No quit confirmation required after someone has won the game.

2nd July 2012
* Version 3.12
* 'j' = previous commander.
* Descriptions for Demonologist and Witch powers.

29th June 2012
* Modding: ritualevent, making it possible to trigger an event after a ritual.
* Modding: event no longer requires the -1 number afterwards.

24th June 2012
* Weapon modding implemented.

23nd June 2012
* Modding: Multiple mastery rituals possible.
* New modding commands: masteryname, masterycostB, masterycosttypeB, sumcostB, sumcosttypeB.
* Mouseover 'lvl' in attacks will show what path the spell comes from.
* Shorter delay for reload.
* Animate Armor shortcut changed to 'R'.

22nd June 2012
* New modding command: startitem.
* Symbol for Spawn Monsters ability.
* Shift can be used to select a range of units.
* Terrain symbol shown when selecting terrain in map editor.

15th June 2012
* Mapediting: clusteredstart, commoncause and scoregraphs can be turned on/off by map commands.
* Modding: Maximum abilities per monster increased.

14th June 2012
* --nomods and --loadmod switches.
* --graphs and --commoncause now works for non random maps too.

6th June 2012
* AI is now more likely to create large armies if necessary.
* Mapediting: classterrevent.
* Mapediting: pos -5,-5 = trigger position.

4th June 2012
* Modding: Changing dose names for summoning rituals could crash the game, fixed.
* Modding: Changing ritual names did only take effect after a load game, fixed.

30th May 2012
* Version 3.11
* Increased maximum nbr of recruitables 48 -> 128.

28th May 2012
* Maps: New triggers, chanceevent, onechanceevent.
* Modding: Can now add map events to mod (event, endevent).
* Modding: masteryterreq, sumterreq.

25th May 2012
* During evil times bandits will now pop from brigand lairs even if they are owned.
* Front row pikeneers are now placed in the rearmost front rows.
* Modding: rearpos.

24th May 2012
* Modding: Copystats no longer copies the name of the monster.
* Modding: Mastery rituals will now give a full set of spells to monsters that increase their spell casting ability more than one level.
* Auto spawned monsters were not added to retinue automatically if spawner was under the command of another commander, fixed.
* Old weapon masters should not appear in the sea any longer.
* Drought shown in income details for herbs and weed.

20th May 2012
* Ettin was missing from troll king's recruitment offers, fixed.
* Gateways are now ownable by everyone.

17th May 2012
* Monthly ritual possible for Enchanter and Slave Hunting.
* Modding: lucky, ritualname, dosename

14th May 2012
* Sound is now started before graphics.
* Linux: Timeout when connecting to pulseaudio server. Should fix freeze for people who have pulseaudio installed but not active and with autospawn off.

12th May 2012
* Modding: Explicitly setting summoning cost type to gold would cause an error message, fixed.
* Doubled the amount of special abilities a single monster can have. It was possible to run out when giving lots of summoning powers to a commander.

10th May 2012
* Version 3.10 (Linux only)
* Fixed glibc dependency problem introduced in 3.09 that prevented the game to run on older Linux distros.

8th May 2012
* Version 3.09
* Baron starts with longbowmen instead of archers.
* Most horrors are now immune to disease.
* Certain earth spells like earthquake no longer affects flying and/or no longer deals magic damage.
* Fishes will drown if they stay on land.
* Modding: Replacing sprites from copystated monsters replaced sprite of original monster as well, fixed.
* Modding: classdescr, libbonusdescr, templebonusdescr.
* Changed sound effect for Rain of Blood.
* Chosen of Dvalin is now a front rank unit.

7th May 2012
* Modding: Leaders could not be combined with newmonster, fixed.
* Modding: Modded sprites were drawn too small, fixed.
* Modding: With addstartunits it was possible to assign an immobile unit to a commander, fixed.

1st May 2012
* Version 3.08 sent to Desura and Gamersgate. Can be downloaded as soon as they have made it available which might take a day or so.
* Manuals updated to version 3.08. Can be downloaded from the coe3 page.

27th April 2012
* Version 3.08
* 8 players with clustered start and tiny map could crash during world creation, fixed.
* Revelry spawns slightly more monsters.

26th April 2012
* New mod commands: allitemslots, weaponslots, noslots, nobootslot, miscslots.
* Modding: selectmonster can take an offset to alter monsters with the same name.
* Some switches no longer had precedence over loaded settings, fixed.

24th April 2012
* Maps: Triggers ownsterrevent and hasmonevent with player -1 can now be used with events depending on player triggering the event.

23rd April 2012
* Version 3.07
* Global trade bonus printed in income details.
* Class modding: goldbonus, ironbonus, tradebonus didn't work on classes that already had these advantages, fixed.

22nd April 2012
* switch: -m = no music
* Mod banners are packed towards the top.

20th April 2012
* Maps: Coordinates -4,-1 can be used for home position of player triggering the event.

19th April 2012
* Modding: 18 new commands to make moddable summoning/mastery commanders possible.
* Modding: siegeweapon, assassinweapon, prebatweapon.
* Modding: guibartex didn't take effect until restart, fixed.

18th April 2012
* Captain and scout offers were missing for Baron, fixed.
* Bakemono General was missing from Bakemono's start units, fixed.
* Modding: Adding a sprite to a newmonster didn't work (ConvArmyNbr error) making the newmonster command useless, fixed.
* Modding: newmonsters now start with sane default values to stats.
* Modding: Added resource gathering abilities to enable e.g. a new kind of demonologist to gather sacrifices.
* Modding: newclass could crash the game, fixed.
* Modding: setclassname didn't work properly, fixed.
* Modding: guiborderthintex only affected the terrain popup and not the other popups, fixed.
* Shock aura did cold damage instead of shock damage, fixed.
* Drop boulder did wrong type of damage, fixed.

17th April 2012
* Modding: 53 new commands for monster special abilites. That should cover most of what is possible to do with a monster in CoE3. * Modding: copystats.

16th April 2012
* Manuals updated to version 3.06. Can be downloaded from the coe3 page.
* Fire spell casters could not really burn forests after all, fixed.
* Shift+B burns forest directly.

14th April 2012
* Max event message length increased 127 -> 2047 characters.
* Support for 1280x768 resolution.

13th April 2012
* More differentiation of different societies.
* Some Iron Arcana spells had wrong stats, fixed.

12th April 2012
* New random events.

11th April 2012
* Version 3.06
* Warning: when upgrading to 3.06 old save files will no longer work.
* Outpost, cloud castle and desert palace are siegeable.

10th April 2012
* Some southern terrain could appear despite it being disabled, fixed.
* Burn forest spells didn't work for leaders, fixed.
* Sometimes there was missing halberdiers in the King's castle, fixed.
* Archmage was missing from his citadel, fixed.
* Added cancel button to 'choose participants' screen.

10th April 2012
* Version 3.05
* Modding: berserker, spellweapon, spellweaponbonus, spellweapon50, spellweaponsingle

9th April 2012
* Knowing certain spells grants the burn forest ability.

5th April 2012
* Modding: clearstartunits, addstartunits, addstartcom, setmaincom, setclassname.
* Modding: hometerr, clearstartterr, addstartterr, newclass.
* Mod banners not shown after a game has started.

4th April 2012
* Map editing: Event pos -4,p to have event at home of player p.

3rd April 2012
* Catapult icon for siegable locations
* AI: improvement for Enchanter
* Improved message when no commander can receive a found item.
* Will o'the Wisp now only floating with no flying.
* Villages around King's castle could in rare circumstances produce gems, fixed.

1st April 2012
* Barbarian AI improvements.
* Tab to show items in army screen.
* Poison cloud spells target random row instead of first row.
* Old save file no longer compatible, due to new El priest stuff.

31st March 2012
* No assassinations at failed summoning battles.
* New ability: combatcaster.
* New magic item.

30th March 2012
* Space = Mark commander as done for the current turn only and goto next commander.
* Map editing: chainevent, maybechainevent.
* Mac OSX version now saves stuff in ~/.coe3 instead of in application bundle.

29th March 2012
* Always get to reenter key next time if you get an 'invalid serial key' message.
* Map command: ownslocterr
* Class modding: goldbonus, ironbonus, tradebonus, reqterr
* AI: improved army strength assessments. Now takes army composition and more special abilities into account.
* AI: AI slightly more aggressive.

28th March 2012
* Class modding: selectclass, clearrec, addunitrec, addmercrec, addcomrec, templerec, libraryrec.
* Class modding: nostdtroops, stdtroops, recwizchance, recherochance, recasschance.

27th March 2012
* Game exits with error message on unknown mod command.
* 'b' exits burn forest screen.
* No message when pressing 'b' for people who cannot burn forests.
* Map editing: Event position -1,-1 = last location, -2,-2 = random location, -3,-3 = random land location.
* Max number of events for a map increased 1000 -> 3000.
* Demo version uploaded to Desura.
* Game remembers old ip address.

26th March 2012
* Modding: titletextcolor
* Modding: tablecolor
* Modding: guibordertex, guiborderthintex, guititletex, guibordersquaretex, guiborder2tex, guiborder3tex, guibartex, guisbartex, guibardarktex, guihbartex

24th March 2012
* Bumper harvest could happen during a drought, fixed.

23rd March 2012
* Added a shortcut icon for this page.
* Modding: newmonster.
* Background fade when viewing commander stats from main map.

22nd March 2012
* New monster modding commands, including many special abilities and weapons.

21st March 2012
* Version 3.04
* Ice Devil had incorrect MR, fixed.
* Battle screens from independent fights that shouldn't be seen could sometimes flash by quickly, fixed.
* Etherealness spells was sometimes targeted at ethereal beings, fixed.
* Using extremely small map sizes would cause random map creation to hang, fixed.
* Help screen updated.
* The order of menu items in the misc menu was wrong, fixed.
* Certain undead creatures now have the inanimate ability.
* Typo fixes.
* New mod commands: lighttextcolor and darktextcolor.
* All special power shortcuts for Druid and Necromancer didn't work from map screen, fixed.

10th March 2012
* Version 3.03
* Fixed spell save file breakage from 3.00.
* Hellhound can no longer bite and breathe at the same time.

9th March 2012
* Shortcuts for necromancer powers.
* Ghoul claw replication power printed in weapon info
* Mummy has an equipable touch of the dead.
* Sound effect for vampire transformation.
* Some shortcuts changed so they can work from map screen too.

8th March 2012
* Version 3.02

7th March 2012
* Vampire could not upgrade, fixed.
* Bad default TEMP directory on Windows if environment variable is not set, fixed.
* Some new or altered sprites.

5th March 2012
* Version 3.01
* Get to play one turn after defeat when using --battlereports in order to see the last battles.
* Boar Warrior is unique reqruitment, Epona cavalry is not.
* F5 to view score graphs (if enabled) during 'Conan is playing' in network play.
* Faster scroll wheel zoom speed.

4th March 2012
* Totem poles.
* Mounted scout for barbarian.
* Year shown in season popup.
* No terrain popup when mouse is inside income or commander box.
* Season show on network wait screen.
* One new spiritism spell.
* Werebear is now a unique reqruitment.

3rd March 2012
* Barbarian starts with a random totem pole.
* Necromancer sensed dead animals too, which does not correspond with what can be raised, fixed.

2nd March 2012
* Dots showing AP left were not always correct, fixed.
* 's' and 'f' can now be used to both select and deselect.
* Performance improvements.
* Effigy.
* Rune Smith now requires dwarves of appropriate type to create elite dwarves. No more force growing from the Dvala, so she no longer needs to be present.
* Daughter of Dvalin now pops 3 dwarves per months.
* Dwarf income penalty was incorrect, fixed

1st March 2012
* Reanimated target didn't always follow reanimator automatically (bolt of unlife, doppelgangers), fixed.
* Meteor crash site is now revealed to the entire world.
* New Hero messages has a goto commander button.
* Single player games no longer have a 'Conan's turn' message before every turn (old games are not affected).
* Income overview shows modified income per terrain type too.

29th February 2012
* Game Over reveals score graphs and map.
* Experienced Retiarius got disease causing net attack, fixed.
* Very limited modding support is starting to appear.
* It is now possible to plant Shadow Trees in cannibal villages.

28th February 2012
* Optional score graphs.
* Mindless beings can no longer get mental afflictions.
* Less bright player colors.

27th February 2012
* Map commands: Player -1 on events used for the player that triggered the event.
* Troll forests could not be burned down, fixed.
* Mounted Ancestral Barbarians are now fast.

26th February 2012
* Portals could cause game to crash during AI movement, fixed.
* Command line switch passed through the Desura start script on Linux.

25th February 2012
* Ettin replaced both weapons with one magic weapon, fixed.
* Archmage citadel got extended vision.
* Manticore flick barb had wrong sound effect, fixed.
* Improved file name sanitation.
* 's' changed to remove slow units.
* 'f' changed to remove fast units.
* +/- to select/deselect 10 unit of a specific type at once.

24th February 2012
* 2 new random events.
* Deserted town could not be sieged, fixed.
* Dragon did not cost gold, fixed.
* Sound system shut down properly on exit now.

23rd February 2012
* Removed flicker when moving with keyboard.
* Typos.
* Mages will no longer cast fire resistance on fire elementals and similar.
* Graphics performance improvements.

22th February 2012
* Longdead triarius didn't have a long pike, fixed.
* Moving on very large maps was slow, fixed.
* New ability: Non magical invulnerability.
* Demilich.
* Mind Slime Horror had broken confusion, fixed.

21th February 2012
* There was a small chance for a stop/junk sprite to appear in mountains, fixed.
* Manflayer is now fast.
* Mound king can start with magic items.
* Watchtower sightings not updated correctly to allies in network game, fixed.
* Player out messages will say who defeated the player.

20th February 2012
* Not possible to make druid major summon in brigand lair, fixed.

15th February 2012
* All textures loaded on demand.
* Some stat changes.
* Map editor map size incorrectly limited to 127, fixed.

11-13th February 2012
* Version 3.00
* Updated title tune.
* Updated dragon sprite.
* Right click descriptions for necromancer rituals.
* Minor fixes.
* Deleting a save game with a strange symbol in it could crash the game, fixed.
* Save file name sanitation.
* Map editor creates sea in new territory.
* New magic item.

10th February 2012
* Scepter of the goblin king does Flame Burst.
* Slight magic item info layout changes.
* Right click descriptions for troll rituals.
* Typo fixes.
* Frozen bridge updated.

9th February 2012
* --showallies, --noshowallies.
* Setting to show/hide move of allied AI players.
* View independent move was broken, fixed.
* Stat fixes.

8th February 2012
* Version 2.96
* Added river exits to the north/south/west.
* Connect river function can create river exits too.
* Manual can be opened from main menu.
* Lowered high xp levels.
* Adjusted some sound effect volumes.
* Minor typo and stat fixes.
* More short style command line options.

6th February 2012
* Fixed game over message for network games.
* Bolt of Unlife doesn't reanimate undead and constructs.
* New bakemono descr.

5th February 2012
* Flickering in network play fixed
* Slave hunt only for commanders
* Some magic effect descriptions
* Magic item spell text fix
* Old raise dead sound
* Fairy circle
* Bad attacker name during summoning, fixed
* Spell fix

4th February 2012
* New sprites and stats for ancient presence, swamp god and wyrm.
* Androphag cavalry is fast
* Could see first AI movement when playing two human players, fixed.
* Switches affect starting options with load map
* --rename
* Name sanitation
* Secondary poison effect was not armor negating, fixed
* Can scroll viewarmy screen.
* Description fixes.
* Mac shortcuts for quit and minimize should work better now.

3rd February 2012
* Version 2.95
* รค didn't print correctly, fixed.
* Num pad can be used for movement.
* Mercenaries (that can be recruited instantly) are colored green.
* Winter move penalty doesn't affects the sea.

2nd February 2012
* Wizards will no longer cast fear spells on mindless beings.
* Independents could move into impassable mountains, fixed.
* Fix to prevent multiple unique monsters to appear by map commands.
* A trebuchet sprite.

1st February 2012
* Slight reduction of gold mine guards.
* 2 new stats in monster info. Kills and ranks.
* Helpful popups for all monster stats.
* Murder of Crows got a ranged attack.
* Regenerating creatures must be killed 125% or they may rise after the battle.

31st January 2012
* It was possible to see stealthy units while they moved, fixed.

30th January 2012
* Fixed missing high priestess starting troops.
* AI fix.
* Version 2.94
* Pictures and information on recruitables.

29th January 2012
* Doom Horrors.

28th January 2012
* Default AI level changed to Jester (no resource bonus).
* Dwarves got proper dwarf names.
* Dwarf Councilor.

27th January 2012
* Settings for AI move delay and show independents.
* New switch --noshowindeps.
* A remove all fancy terrains button in the map editor.
* Creating a new random map clears all square names.

26th January 2012
* Some missing descriptions fixed.

25th January 2012
* Can see AI moving when playing single player.
* New switches: --movedelay, --aidelay.
* New illusion spell.
* Troll AI improvements.
* Revelry slightly improved.
* Version number moved from preferences to credits screen.

24th January 2012
* Magic Cave gem income changed 3 -> 2.
* Typos fixed.
* Movement animation.
* class 0 in fixedplayer command now results in a fixed random player.
* New illusion spell: Displace Self.

23rd January 2012
* Version 2.93
* Updated SDL version on Windows.
* Alt+F4 to quit in windows.
* Improved attacks on gold mine.
* Senator could use bridge as citadel, fixed.
* AI players receive more suitable names.
* Popup for damage types.
* Typos fixed.

22nd January 2012
* Elder Dragon
* Troll mum can summon dragon
* New graphics for Colossus, Centaur
* AI Troll Mum could freeze, fixed.
* New graphics for some terrains
* Deserts fit together better
* Colossus moves on its own.

21st January 2012
* Version 2.92
* Sound effect volume saved.
* Crash bug fixed.
* New graphics for some terrains.
* Dragons.

20th January 2012
* Game available for preorder
Conquest of Elysium 3 is now available for preorder on Desura. The game will be released on 20th February at the latest and there is a 15% discount on preorders.
Desura Digital Distribution
* Fixed missing dwarf queen description.

19th January 2012
* Version 2.91
* Gold rain on game over screen.
* Setting for sound effect volume too.
* cmd+q to quit on mac.
* quit confirmation required after playing a turn.
* Removed debug information and debug console.

18th January 2012
* Most of the music in place.
* OSX had Linux sound device options, removed.
* Credits can be exited by mouse click too.
* Version 2.90
* Cancel button on enter serial key.
* Some new particle effects for spells.
* Need no longer stand in coe3 directory to start game.

17th January 2012
* Mac OSX version created.

16th January 2012
* Gamelog missing a few commas, fixed.
* Air shield no longer cast against non archers.
* Some class descriptions updated.
* You could get many spoils of war from 1 merchant, fixed.

13th January 2012
* Proper ALSA sound support in Linux.
* Libraries give increased chance of getting wizard offers.
* Temples give more offers from shamans, priests etc.
* Snowy Credits.

12th January 2012
Screenshots have been updated and CoE3 has been added to
* Version 2.89
* New fire look for arch devil.
* Lord of Corruption's corruption is instant.
* Enslave is instant i.e. enslaved unit will participate in same battle but on the other side.

11th January 2012
* Druid horse uses old horse sprite.
* Some spell changes.
* --gamelog to get a log file with statistics every turn.
* File name sanity checks.

10th January 2012
* Improved jack sound support.

8th January 2012
* Can scroll screen with up/down arrow keys in order to setup really huge armies.

7th January 2012
* Commander box rezoomed when you have very many commanders in the same square.

5th January 2012
* Gets a message proclaiming game winner in network game.
* Descriptions for all classes.
* More coal mines.
* New gold golem sprite
* Gold Golem got gaze of Midas
* Symbol for gold bonus
* Pale Ones got 1 eye

3rd January 2012
* Invoking Baal will create a two year red moon and drought.
* Improved game over behavior in network games.
* Star Spawn can become Elder Star Spawn.
* New sprites for Star Spawn and Iron Golem.

2nd January 2012
* Gold mine converts defending workers into better dwarves over time.

1st January 2012
* Reduced summoning costs for High Priestess.
* Invoke Baal button only appears for Anointed Priestess.

30th December 2011
* Version 2.88
* Placeholder music.

29th December 2011
* Support for compressed stereo music.
* Minor stat and typo fixes.
* Max memorized spells increased to 30.

28th December 2011
* Summonings did not strike first in network games, fixed.
* Shopped units are now immediately visible for allies in network games.
* Version 2.87
* Doppelganger did not get item slots from target he looked like, fixed.
* Minor stat fixes.
* Monsters can now have boot slots disabled (for nagas and cavalry)
* Fire brand fire attack affects 3 enemies.
* Weakness affected spell casting, fixed.
* Max known spells increased to 40 to accommodate boosted beholders.
* Shock aura didn't work, fixed.

14th December 2011
* Dwarves get their current HP upgraded as well when bought.
* Minor stat fixes.
* Prince of Death summons both longdead and soulless before battle starts.
* Wide units will no longer cause extra holes in battle lines.

13th December 2011
* Description for high priestess.
* Invoke Baal ability.

12th December 2011
* A dmg 1 attack has a 20% value of becoming a dmg 2 attack, enabling snakes a small chance to damage armored units.
* Network fixes.

9th December 2011
* Icon and application type set for Pulseaudio.
* Having only 2 fixedplayer resulted in an unwanted third player as well, fixed.

8th December 2011
* 'b' selects diseased units too.
* Oracle scrying now also exits menu after scrying.
* Demonologist limited in sacrifice sizes.
* Cultist can summon greater demons, but only with small sacrifice size.
* Air shield now only affects missiles.
* Awe now only protects from front row attacks.
* Visual effects when awe and air shield protects.
* Various air elementals have permanent air shield.
* Deselect all 'a' didn't work in square with immobile, fixed.
* --autosave.
* Dead were not always removed when they were zombified in a network game, fixed.

7th December 2011
* Network stability improvement.
* Disconnecting and reconnecting no longer gives you extra Action Points.
* Enchanter can create portals.
* AI warlock let the apprentice do all the work, fixed.

6th December 2011
* Version 2.86
* Gems weren't removed from destroyed mines, fixed.
* More types of spell casters counts as potential fire threats.

5th December 2011
* Summonings and square conquests can been seen instantly by allies in network game.
* Minor fixes.

2nd December 2011
* Common Cause option, causes all allies to be eliminated simultaneously.

1st December 2011
* Elementals have no misc slots.
* Toned down borders on item slots.
* You can get info on adjacent square by pressing one of QWEASDZXC.
* Manikins could start fight against allies and themselves at once, fixed.

30th November 2011
* Version 2.85
* More effects do not awaken units.
* Sleeping targets are immune to fear.
* Own commanders are always shown on map if in same square as ally.

29th November 2011
* Network games must be saved on server.
* Sound effect for 'hide heart' ritual.

28th November 2011
* 'Select next commander automatically' works better now.
* Next commander preference saved.
* You are not awakened by pure poison attacks like poison cloud.
* Misc menu on map screen that lists all menus not otherwise clickable.
* Can access character description when playing.
* max map size -> 159x159.

27th November 2011
* Summoning of unique beings that where already dead resulted in too many demon lords, fixed.
* A Major demon was incorrectly unique.

25th November 2011
* Raise dead at an ally's location now works like it should.
* AI improvements.

24th November 2011
* 'l' to deselect landlubbers.
* Special power shortcuts can be used directly from map screen.
* Swamp summonings for druid.
* More spells for undead and demons.

23rd November 2011
* Strength reform.
* Help screen (?) for map editor.
* New map commands.
* New graphics for Demonologist's castle, pyramids, skull cave, ballista.

22nd November 2011
* Eye in a pyramid symbol for squares you can see extra far from (e.g. watch towers).
* Fixed class descriptions.
* Description for High Cultist.
* Season prolonging sites can now be turned on and off and will prolong its season automatically but not more than an extra month or two.
* New old castle
* Some unused terrains remade for map editing purposes.

21st November 2011
* Get error message if client is too old in network game.
* Allied simultaneous turns is now the only type of network game.
* Item slots are shown even when empty.

20th November 2011
* Can see further from towers.
* Forests do not see outside themselves.

19th November 2011
* New units for Troll King.
* Library is now free to use but has limited nbr of uses.
* Network load game bug fix.

18th November 2011
* Water breathing items added.
* Dwarf AI implemented.
* Most larger horrors can now move underwater too.
* Ally could steal allied's square by participating in a fight there, fixed.

17th November 2011
* Dwarf Workers no longer follow their queen when they are popped.
* Easy to see where dwarf workers can be converted.

16th November 2011
* --randommap didn't work.
* Save files are now saved with proper names in a 'saves' directory.
* --loadgame to enable text only servers to continue on old games.
* max map size -> 127x127.
* --clusterstart.
* Confirmation required to exit network game.
* AI improvements.

15th November 2011
* Friendly error message if serial key is missing when using --textonly.
* Version 2.84
* Simultaneous allied turns is now the default for network games.
* AI improvements.
* Map editor reconnect rivers no longer destroys delta.
* Map editor create coastline no longer destroys coastal villages.
* Auras can no longer be negated by awe and some similar fixes.
* Mapeditor removes spaces from filenames.
* Barbarian AI could make Army of Legends anywhere, fixed.

14th November 2011
* Battle replays perfect.
* New spell effect: confusion.
* New spells.

13th November 2011
* New character: Dwarf Queen.
* Senator can buy ballistas.
* Siege engines cost more iron and less gold.
* Can see fights in scryed territories.
* Get a small scry on send horror location.
* New graphics for some monsters.
* New graphics for castle.
* 'v' to view first battle.
* New monster: Gelantineous Cube.

12th November 2011
* Bakemono O Kunshu now gets 2 level 3 spells.
* 2 bugs with incorrect battle replays fixed (caused by poison and wide monsters).

11th November 2011
* Crossalpha can be set in settings menu.
* AI less likely to burn himself to death.
* Some class descriptions got improved.
* New skull cave graphics.

10th November 2011
* Scrying reveals invisible troops.
* Golems have updated stats.
* Scrying helps allies too.
* Scrying and terrain changes are shown for simultaneous players too.

AI vs AI competition update. The Baron is still at the top but the Druid, Burgmeister and Warlock seem to do a lot better now. But most importantly the game is still very stable when it comes to AI vs AI matches.
AI smackdown chart

9th November 2011
* AI improvements for burgmeister and enchanter.
* More familiars.
* Network bug fixes.
* Warlock cave now produces 2 gold & 3 gems.
* Pale one summoning costs 100 -> 70.
* Oak golem cost 20 -> 40.
* Barbarians could remain berserked from disease damage, fixed.
* Mapeditor selectable from main screen.
* Maps loadable via a menu.
* Create dancing sword 2AP -> 1AP.

8th November 2011
* Spells that shouldn't affect undead didn't work that way, fixed.
* Ritual of necromantic mastery now costs 1 AP too.
* Stupidity affliction replaced by temporary insanity.
* Volcano, Cloud Castle.
* Serial codes.

7th November 2011
* Map editor map bug fixes.
* Missing descriptions, typos and cosmetic fixes.
* Monument of order couldn't be owned, fixed.
* Cannibal queen could sometimes cast spells from both her paths in the same round, fixed.
* Game crashed when recruiting on long and narrow maps, fixed.
* Can now see allied movements during 'waiting for your turn'.
* Adjustable transparency on follower marks, default 50%.
* --opacity, --crossalpha.

3rd November 2011
* Can see when allies move.
* Sound and look improvements for some attacks and spells.

1st November 2011
* Snake charmer and fakir got abilities.
* Version 2.83
* Option to have all team members do their turns simultaneously in a network game.
* Bug with secondary secondary effects fixed.

31st October 2011
* 2 new map event triggers implemented.

30th October 2011
* --maxfps.
* Port trade reduced to 2.
* Network fixes.
* Terrain popups active during 'waiting for your turn'.
* New river part.

29th October 2011
* Network stability improvements.

27th October 2011
* Basic map editor working.
* Multiple gold mines possible.
* Impassable mountains added for map making purposes.
* Rudimentary scenario map commands implemented.

26th October 2011
* Can zoom out further.
* Max map size 255*255.
* Warlock has a few more starting troops.
* Descriptions for most classes.

24rd October 2011
* New animals and druid summonings.
* More horrors.
* Astrology was bugged, fixed.
* New spell: mirror image.
* Cannibal queen only casts one spell per round.

23rd October 2011
* Version 2.82
* Advanced setup options including clustered start for team members.
* Single right click to view enemy armies.
* Long right click on citadel to recruit there.

22nd October 2011
* More horrors.

20th October 2011
* Mummy causes disease.

19th October 2011
* You could see light effect from AI scryings, fixed.
* Hopefully old weapon masters will appear in farms now.
* Vampires will no longer drown when consuming a coastal village.
* Higher level spells for warlock apprentice, just in case.
* Improved graphics for some terrain squares.

17th October 2011
* Wooden towers can be owned by everyone.

16th October 2011
* Magic weapon only replaces first type of weapon.
* Minor summoning fixes.

15th October 2011
* Improved demon lords
* New hoburg constructions
* New elemental beasts
* Water creatures
* Nametypes didn't work, fixed
* New attacks: swallow, acid
* New resistance: extra life
* Mages didn't cast resist poison against units with poison bite, fixed.
* Many minor fixes.

12th October 2011
* Some icons for battle effects have changed into pentagrams.
* Pale ones have bad sight.
* Ports are siegeable.
* Slightly reduced spawn rate of independents.

10th October 2011
* Can turn disconnected players into AI.
* Can reenter an ongoing network game.
* Minor stat fixes.
* Missing description added.

8th October 2011
* Frog and cat were too strong, fixed.
* Rakshasa.
* Network colossus fix.

7th October 2011
* Carrion can no longer lead units.
* Guard tower looked wrong when recruiting, fixed.
* Baron starts with slightly fewer spearmen.
* Minor sprite fixes.
* -> 0 AP when failed summoning.
* Too many HP when polymorphing back from stronger form, fixed.

5th October 2011
* Version 2.81
* Improved magic item info.
* AI will no longer see through doppelgangers, werewolves, etc.
* AI improvements for enchanter.
* Performance improvements.

4th October 2011
* Werebear for barbarian.
* Cannot burn forests during winter.

3rd October 2011
* Fixed network weirdness when waiting for other player to enter name.
* Skipping battles with mouse could result in permanently skipped battles, fixed.
* Sound effect for enchanter mastery.
* Cannot burn forests during winter.

27th September 2011
* Updated screenshots page.

26th September 2011
* Stability improvements.
* Improved society descriptions.
* New guard tower.

25th September 2011
* Mages will no longer cast sleep spells on undead.
* Cannot place insane commanders under another commander while insane.
* Fixed some minor map graphics bugs.
* You got no battle reports when you were attacked, fixed.
* --northpart.
* Shortcuts for some enchanter summonings.
* More magic items.
* Slightly thinner crosses when selecting followers.

23rd September 2011
* Version 2.80
* Network fixes for windows. You can have server and client on same computer in Windows too now.

22nd September 2011
* Descriptions for all societies.
* Societies now in chronlogical order.
* Senator can use wooden towers as citadels.
* Troll King can use ancient forests as citadels.
* Updated wooden tower.
* Highlighting of scryed squares.
* Dark knowledge exits necromancy screen.

21th September 2011
* Reveler can perform a reveling in an ancient forest.
* Stupid units have own section in F1 unit overview.
* Game crashed when not setting all options in a text only server, fixed.
* Game server used 100% cpu when running in text only mode, fixed.
* Sentried commanders are greyed out on F1 and will be unsentried if clicked on.
* Insane commanders are redded out on F1.
* AP left shown on F1 screen.

20th September 2011
* Version 2.79
* Old weapon masters will only appear if you own a farm.
* Unexpected heroes will only appear if you own a village.
* Chill of the Dead was wacko, fixed.
* Meteor random event.
* Fallen Empire has a fallen capital with undead and horrors.
* Pressing tab shows map without icons on it.
* Updated cannibal village.

Here are the results from the latest AI vs AI competion in CoE3. It shows how many times each class won in an automated test that consisted of a few thousand games. This AI competiton is quite useful in order to find bugs that crash or freeze the game. It is also useful to see how the AI performs with all classes. The baron looks a bit better than the rest, but that's ok, the baron should be an easy class to play for the AI.
AI smackdown chart

19th September 2011
* Wither wood fixed.
* Disease resistance.
* Updated graphics for some start locations.
* Unit overview on F1.

18th September 2011
* Messages are now cleared between games.
* Necromancer couldn't raise dead when only 1 AP left, fixed.
* Iron income overview fix.

17th September 2011
* Immortals could cause an infinite amount of battles, fixed.

16th September 2011
* Version 2.78
* Multiple battles can now occur in the same square, one after another.
14th September 2011
* Typos fixed.

12th September 2011
* Names should be correct now.
* There should be descriptions for all special abilities now.

11th September 2011
* Troll King tweaks.
* AI improvements.
* Enslave
* Terrain popup cosmetic fix
* Firbolg beginning

10th September 2011
* q no longer skips multiple battles.

9th September 2011
* --textonly disable sound too.
* Fatigue replaced with XP on unit stats screen.
* Don't cast charm on charm immune targets.

8th September 2011
* Version 2.77
* High Cultist and the horror summonings should work now.

6th September 2011
* Message when drowning
* Saving keeps old name if not changed
* Illwinter logo
* Version number shown in preferences
* New symbol for floating

5th September 2011
* Monster stat fixes.
* Demon whip (and similar weapons) didn't work, fixed.
* Iron wasn't saved/loaded properly.
* Skipping battle now skips it instantly.
* Performance improvement.

3rd September 2011
* Recruitment offers merged into one message.
* z = slow motion in battles.
* ? to see keyboard shortcuts in battle.
* Ceremony of Mastery for Deep Cultist didn't work, fixed.

2nd September 2011
* Earth grip could result in all manner of affliction and weirdness, fixed.
* Text mode can be used on server.
* Proportional portrait size when viewing unit stats.
* Augur can scry.
* Beholder info scaled down so all spells will fit on the stats screen.
* Canceling out of network menus doesn't quit the game.
* Default port is 7272.
* Typos fixed.
* Ghouls cannot reproduce on ethereal beings.
* Heroes won't start in allied's farms.
* Minor stat fixes.

1st September 2011
* Version 2.76
* Network fixes, should work now.
* Command line switches for new game creation.

31st August 2011
* High Cultist not always able to get a proper start position, fixed.
* Graveyard was wrong size, fixed.
* New swords to indicate battle.
* Horror and death realm events are more rare.
* New event: Fungus Year.
* Redesigned message screen.
* Dragon, Horror etc. now actually has to fight the dwarf king to get the gold mine.

30th August 2011
* Enchanter's coal mine contained no gems, fixed.
* Battle summonings appear instantly and don't reorder units more than necessary.
* Player colors shown on the choose participants screen.

29th August 2011
* Window opacity setting now affects window title too.
* Add new player didn't get greyed out properly, fixed.
* New player copies settings from previous player.
* New symbol for magic damage.
* Hill giant increased damage on boulder (siege attack).
* Roc also increased damage on siege attack.
* Minor stat fixes.
* Symbol for invisibility.

28th August 2011
* Version 2.75
* New coastline generation
* F2 for player overview
* Can delete saved games
* Load game is greyed out when no games can be loaded
* No longer forget what's in squares on the same turn.
* Spell Rupture updated.
* CoE3 logo and version number on main menu background.
* Can no longer view armies in shaded squares
* Classes printed on "has been eliminated" messages
* Load screen has updated design
* Wood golems can be made in jungles

25th August 2011
* Improved coastline connectivity
* Burgmeister and druid get a guaranteed ancient forest on map
* Red cross on commander chits unable to lead troops
* Move improvements printed on magic items
* Some blood spells won't affect constructs.
* Max save slots -> 100
* New shortcuts and features for transfer troops screen
* Cannot buy more spells in library when you known all

24th August 2011
* AI fixes
* AI can create fast squads
* Improved playerinfo
* Ghouls can no longer reproduce on animals
* Enchanter gets "constructed" message instead of summoned
* Baron ability screen updated
* Fixed some summonings that weren't reachable
* Enchanter's weakness spell can now affect undead
* Splint fixes.
* Barechested scout -> no leader
* Some income symbols look wrong on map popup, fixed.
* Cannot bring along stupids any longer.

23rd August 2011
* Typos in class descriptions, fixed.
* Got merchant gold message if you died on him, fixed.
* Minor monster fix.
* Redesigned recruitment screen.
* Redesigned trade admin screen.
* Redesigned screens for special powers.
* Fixed warlock summoning.

22nd August 2011
* Redesigned dialogue boxes for Preferences and Random Map Settings.

21st August 2011
* New higher resolution window border.

20th August 2011
* New sprites for slow and necro citadel
* Werewolves not revealed on popup.
* Auto select commander
* to show shortcuts
* typos fixed
* Mountain move
* Improved weapon info
* Zoom map with page up/down
* home goto home citadel
* Magic items look poisoned, fixed.

19th August 2011
* Stability improvments
* Running with -dd enables a very demanding bugcheck
* MR +- fixed
* Minor monster fixes
* Less scorpion beasts

18th August 2011
* Zoom level per player.
* Many typos fixed.
* New sprite for sleep immunity.
* Colossus square remained owned even though it had been used up, fixed.

17th August 2011
* Transparent icon in windows.
* Added corpse count for animals.
* Troll Mum now creates single troll forests that auto spawns manikins, blood fungus and such.
* Manikins are stupid and moves independently.
* Scrollable battle text
* Old weapon master now appears in a farm if possible.
* Temporary pics for slow and forest stealth.

16th August 2011
* Rivers are frozen during winter
* AI troll doesn't go for fungus as much
* Added goblin murderer
* Death fungus reproduce if there are corpses in the same square
* Better attack info
* You do not conquer allied squares if they have troops in them

14th August 2011
* Corpse Eater
* Doppelganger not shown on chit.
* AI only prolong seasons that are useful.
* Blobs doesn't ruin coastline.
* Totem pole for barbarian.
* AI improvements
* Arch mage and beholder can only appear on high difficulties
* Barbarian can buy mounted chief